Before you buy or sell an Amazon based business, do you know what questions to ask?  Do you know what important data to target, flag and highlight for review?  Our 15+ years of selling online give us the flashlight to highlight on important topics pre-sale/close.

Our unique Amazon Due Diligence Checklist is unmatched and will uncover potential unforeseen risks for buyers and or important facts for sellers to market their business.  These topics may not be obvious nor are they identified via the typical templated procurement broker processes.

Even worse, most buyers and sellers hire large consultant type companies who claim they have the experience to understand the intricacies of an Amazon business.  And how would they?  All businesses are difference, especially online based.

Our due-diligence review covers over 50 unique, but critical checkpoints and questions.  All are extremely important, yet often missed or not even covered topics.  Sellers – do not market your business without our help.  Buyers – do not go to close without us doing a review.

Just some of the important topics we cover:

Vendor and Seller Central history of sales and trend patterns.
Amazon negotiation terms history and future ask patterns/risk.
Review of top ASIN demand pivots, trends, and risks.
Marketplace saturation and competitiveness deltas.
Overall account past, current, and future performance health.
ASIN staying power.