I’m concerned about Amazon Basics. Are you?

I’ve become increasingly troubled by “AmazonBasics.”  Amazon is the ultimate admin to all of our sales metrics and ASIN listing data.  Are you building a brand or business case for them to simply take? There is a good chance you are!

They can do more than you or I can on their own site.  Once they see a hot seller, what will stop them from going directly to China and become your biggest competitor?

I’m a free market guy, but is Amazon playing by the same set of rules they enforce on their vendors/sellers? How do they get reviews so quickly (do they delete bad ones?).  I’m seeing a ton of “Vine Customer Review of Free Product” actively to kick off their new product listings.   They charge their vendors thousands of dollars per ASIN for this program. Example:  AmazonBasics Pillowcase… linky

Unfair? Well, it is hard for me to understand how a product (see above link) launched four weeks ago (as of this post) already has 20 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Additionally, I have seen special product ad placements normal vendors do not seem to have the same access to.  Also other special deal pages, better listing optimization, etc.  I will start to take screenshots as I find them.  Share with us what you have seen.

I’d love to hear your thoughts?


CLICK HERE to see the new arrivals of Amazon Basics products.

New products Amazon private labeled I’ve never seen before: Pillows/bedding, electric housewares (coffee maker), cutlery, pots/pans, coolers, safes, pens (watch out Bic? lol)




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